Alina at Haus Witten

Following up on my New Year’s resolution to actually shoot photos and not just hoarding gear, I was incredibly lucky to have Alina as my first ever model. She was very patient with me while I was changing lenses and repeatedly getting the camera ready to shoot again after chimping 🙈.

Since I was using some of my vintage lenses for this shoot, and the EXIF doesn’t show which lens I was actually using, I can’t really properly tag these images. But I was impressed by the two lenses that were used the most, the Pentacon 135/2.8, and the Konica Hexanon 57/1.2. It was much easier focusing on the eyes with EVF magnification and focus peaking than I expected.

View over Langerfeld


Street(food) Photography

Coffee Break

The Secret Life Of Mushrooms

A Cold Sunday Morning

Ohne Moos nix los

Taking the 35/2.8 for a spin

Today the sun came out, so used that as a good excuse to give the Minolta Rokkor 35/2.8 a try. Since I mostly shoot between 50 and 85, having such a short focal length was a bit unfamiliar. It’s just so…wide 😁

Esther at Haus Witten

Today I got the chance to take a few portraits of Esther, before getting photographed myself. We got very lucky with the light, and the location is just fantastic.