About Me

Hi, I am Alex (also known as Rickenharp almost everywhere on the internet). I’ve dabbled in photography for years, starting way back around 2005 with a Canon EOS 300V, and shortly afterwards going digital with the Canon EOS 300D. Then photography went on the back burner for a while, but in 2018, I was bitten by the bug once again, upgrading to a Canon 80D. Which was amazing! So many megapixels! And the sheer amount of autofocus point!

In 2019, I was working on a project in Leingarten, and during that time, I was living on the grounds of the Bundesgartenschau. Which was just amazing, flowers everywhere, interesting architecture, heaven for photographers. I think I was running around the area almost every day, taking pictures.

Around that time, I heard about Sony’s mirrorless cameras, and that it was very easy to adapt old vintage manual focus lenses to them. The pictures I had seen taken with these combinations were gorgeous, so I took the plunge und upgraded to a Sony A7III and an adapted Minolta MC Rokkor 55/1.7. And then, I was really hooked! Focusing manually is just so different from just relying on the autofocus. With the peaking available on the A7III, it’s an almost meditative state. As long, as your subject isn’t moving much.

After getting so much enjoyment out of a 50 year old lens, I started looking deeper into the world of vintage lenses, and I might have gotten a tiny bit addicted to collecting and shooting them.

Since I already had the lenses, the next logical step (for me) was to going even further back in time and getting a matching film body. So I went on eBay and got a Minolta X-500, and shortly afterwards, started to learn how to develop my own black and white film. Big shout out to Ralf Haun, whose film development workshop showed me that the process isn’t as complicated as I thought it would be.

And lately, I’ve been getting more and more into portrait photography with vintage lenses, as can be seen on the main portfolio page. I’m always looking for new models to expand my portfolio. So, if you’re interested in a collaboration, hit me up.

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