Going Analog (again)

After reading more and more about the resurgence of film photography, I dug out my “old”[1] Canon EOS 300V, put in a roll of Kodak Gold 200, the cheapest film they had at DM, and waited for a sunny day.

Luckily, that day came rather soon, and I was able to fill a whole roll of 36 exposures.

During my research into getting film developed and scanned, I kept reading about Mein Film Lab, a small company, that still does B&W and C-41 development mostly by hand, instead of fully automated, like you get in the big labs that Rossmann, DM, and your local photo store send your film to.

Also, they have professional scanners that give you results that are worlds apart from even the most expensive consumer film scanners you can buy.

And after getting back the scans from my first ever film in ~20 years, that dedication to the process really shows. My pictures are not art, since I mostly just wanted to see if the camera still worked and what kind of results I could expect technically. But even so, I am amazed how nice the colors turned out. Sure, the autofocus didn’t always hit, and on some images I should have used a smaller aperture for more depth of field. But the overall <i>feel</i> of the images is pretty damn nice, all things considered.

Currently, I am waiting on another film I have sent to development, this one was shot on a really old camera, a Revueflex AC-1. It’s from 1977, making the camera just a year younger than me. If that film turns out well, there’s probably going to be a lot more analog film on the blog in the near future.

For now, here’s the complete result of my first roll of film, hits and misses:

[1] It’s from 2002, which is 18 years ago, but it doesn’t feel like it’s that old.

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